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The Wikids Educational Encyclopedia is a collection of resources aimed at supporting the learning and teaching of any educationally valuable material.

Any topics that support that aim are most welcome.

The encyclopedia presents its educational material in a consistent fashion, without unnecessary page clutter and distraction, and without trying to put too much perhaps daunting information on a single page. Think of power-point slides or similar. More in-depth and extended material is broken down into sequences or structures of single slides.

When creating content, bear in mind school-children, teachers looking for presentation material and, most important, single learners on the internet who may not have access to adequate teaching expertise or schooling.

To contribute, you can join any of the existing wikis listed below.

  • Just go to the wiki and click on "Sign in" at the top of the page to create an account at Wikispaces if you don't already have one.
  • Click on "Join" at the top of any page and wait for an administrator to confirm your membership.
  • Alternatively, you can create your own wikis and offer them for inclusion by contacting the chief editor. Your own wikis will then be linkable to and from the encyclopedia, and will be included in any search results.

Current Wikis

Wikids Math K-12 mathematics
Wikids Life K-12 The development of life over time.


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